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Relaxing by the lake with family and sipping a glass of wine….


...served Alibi from Black Hills – it was perfect...

...served Alibi from Black Hills – it was perfect...

Last night I had my Mother over for dinner – she enjoys coming over on Wednesday night because its sailing night and we are entertained by the various races and wonderful colours of the boats. My sister and her husband race on Wednesday nights and we try to figure out which boat is theirs.  Last night they were mostly becalmed, so it wasn’t as exciting as usual. I served a lime grilled chicken with mushroom risotto and some of our fresh Okanagan asparagus. I have to say I was a little worried about which wine to serve – the lime can destroy so many good wines. But I served Alibi from Black Hills – it was perfect has enough structure to stand up to the caramelized lime juices and it just couldn’t have been a better choice for the meal and my Mom.


Yahoo summer is finally here!!!