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Great Way to start the day with a fresh Okanagan Fruit

Great Way to start the day with a fresh Okanagan Fruit

Great Bran Muffins with Apple Sauce

Great Bran Muffins with Apple Sauce

Winter is not usually our high season for the Bed and Breakfast but this year, for the first time, we have a fair number of guests. Today our guests just kept saying how beautiful the lake was at this time of year so quiet and restful. The lake ofcourse is perfectly smooth perfectly reflecting our snow dappled hillsides – it is a recovery time for us, a season that we are happy to share. These muffins are a great hit with everyone – tasty and moist and I make them quite small so people don’t have to feel like they are eating too much.

Christmas Wine Tour

So we had a group yesterday , who had come from all over the province to experience our wonder winter wine tours. All the wineries are beautifully decorated putting people in the mood and we even played Christmas Carols in the bus. I had cheese and some of my homemade rainforest crisps(they were a hit) on the bus,I am thinking about producing them for all the wine tours next summer. The pace at this time of year is so great – people are casual and have lots of time to chat – it really is a completely different experience from the summer season that is just geared up to the max. The rumour yesterday was that Gray Monk, George and Trudy had completed the sale of their property. I know that they were looking to sell but I don’t know if it has gone firm or not. What a change that will be – they were really icons in the industry and have helped fight every inch of the way to get our laws changed and get the Okanagan Wine Industry recognized. I can’t blame them for wanting a little down time but it really will be new era without them. I wish them all the best though – they have been great to us and great for this region – MJIMG-20141204-00101




Winter Wine Tours are Fun

November 2013 051

While it may seem that winter is not an ideal time to go on a wine tour – it is actually a wonderful season for touring. The wineries are quiet and staff have alot more time to spend with you to explain the process and even the different wines and tastes that you may be experiencing – so don’t forget winter – it really it a special season at the wineries.

The Temples

So here we are back in Siem Reap and the wonderful Angor Wat. This is our second visit here and I still find it mystical and intriguing.

Water the source of life is honoured here
Nature always wins… but this is a wonderful illustration of that fact
the King and God’s face smiling at you from every angle
the ability to carve this detail in stone is astonishing to me
I can’t help but wonder at how marvelous it must have been

Floating Village

Travel is all about discovering other peoples and different ways of live. This floating village just outside of Siem Reap on the Tonle Sap lake was and is fascinating for me. Beautiful, delightful and really a hard life just the same

look at her beautiful clean school uniform
looks little tricky for me but the children seem oblivious
day is done
imagine trying to bathe like this everyday

A Travel Day – on to Cambodia

After much searching, we found the place where we pick up a van to go to the Thai border – we had to pay extra for our packs because they took up 2 seats and every seat was full!!!

Then, we were off- and the driver went hell- bent- for- leather to the border!! – weaving through the traffic. On my side of the Van, the window had been broken and a piece of plastic cardboard placed on top of the broken glass,  so I couldn’t see out the window, which I suppose was just as well- the little I did see was frightening!!!

The good part was that it really didn’t take him long to get to the border. Then on thru the Thai Border – they require an exit permit.Walk the bridge of “no man’s land” and then through the Cambodian border – it was so hot I thought I would die. At the Cambodia Border they even took our finger prints.

on the other side we found a car and driver and we were off again. I can’t tell you how happy I was to see our hotel and have a little dip in the pool -it really is  just a little piece of paradise.

this is a wild border crossing
We clearly did not have the biggest load

The Grand Palace In Bangkok

I love the think of the film ” the King and I” about the King of Siam when I visit the royal palace, the wealth  of the culture in that era is awe inspiring – this time when we visited there were more people than we were expecting I think December is just a busier month overall here in Asia

Entering the Grand Palace with all the opulence of that era
just a little gold leaf to make it shine
this Buddha made of Jade was fought over by Kings of both Thailand and Laos

First Days in Bangkok

I have a love /hate relationship with Bangkok, I keep coming back this is my 6th or 7th trip but each time at some point I swear to myself that I will never come back. the pollution, the traffic and the unceasing scam artists simply over whelm me when I first arrive.

Then…… the beauty and the  history of the place quietly start to leach into my bones and I remember why I love it here in Asia.

just another day with 13 million people

Recovery Breakfast first morning in Bangkok

Well after 20 hours of flight time and a 3 hour layover in Beijing, we finally arrived in Bangkok at 1 am last night. We were happy to see our bed last night and this morning we are ready for our first adventure in the city. We hope to spend a little time exploring and getting a few little last minute items like a local SIM card so that we can phone and communicate with each other

David and Mary Jo on the Move

So we are counting the days for our departure. I have removed items from my pack to try and reduce the weight… only to add other really necessary items(ha) that increase the overall weight again. So be it, I don’t think I can take anymore out of the bag